ACCA P3 Exam Tips December 2014

Following are the Exam Tips (Important Topics) of ACCA P3 Paper for December 2014 attempt that may appear in exams according to expert tutors and tuition providers.


– Project management and benefits management
– The POPIT model
– Strategy evaluation
– Managing strategic change and culture
– Decision making techniques
– Strategic analysis


– Integrated Reporting
– Value Chain
– Critical success factors and KPIs
– Role of the corporate parent including BCG matrix/Ashridge
– Change management frameworks (POPIT and the business change lifecycle) and
– Organisational Configuration – new definitions: Boundary-less organisations, Outsourcing vs. Offshoring, Hollow and Modular structures.


– External analysis.
– Stakeholder management.
– Strategic choice.
– Improving business processes.
– Project management.

– Integrated Reporting
– Marginal costing in decision making
– POPIT Approach

First Institution

Section A
– Environmental analysis, people with financial analysis.
Section B
– Project Management.
– Strategic Action.
– Information technology – pricing strategy.


Q1: Pestel, 5 forces, Ansoff. ABC – Activity based costing
Q2: 6Is of e-business
Q3: Project initiation document: scope, cost, time quality considerations.
Q4: Outsourcing – pros and cons including marginal costing

Beckers Professional

– Strategic choice.
– Stakeholders.
– Organisational structure.
– Finance – possibly sources of finance or working capital management.
– Business process change.