ACCA P5 Exam Tips December 2014

Following are the Exam Tips (Important Topics) of ACCA P5 Paper for December 2014 attempt that may appear in exams according to expert tutors and tuition providers.


– Benchmarking
– CSFs and KPIs
– Modern role of management accountant
– Ethics/ CSR
– ABM/ costing
– Rewards and evaluation of a performance management system
– Evaluation of a performance measurement system
– Divisional performance appraisal
– Corporate failure
– Performance Prism or building block
– Quality


– Analysis performance v budgetary targets – read the Benchmarking (Sept 2012).
– Beyond budgeting.
– Key strategic, tactical and operational; information requirements of a business.
– Expected values and probabilities.
– PEST and Porter.
– Transfer pricing.
– Effect of reward systems on performance management.
– Balanced scorecard, building blocks and the performance pyramid.
– NPV and profit analysis.


– Corporate failure.
– Environmental management accounting.
– Human resources management, including reward systems.
– TQM, Kaizen, JIT and target costing.
– Quality related costs.
– Six Sigma
Transfer pricing.
Performance Measurement Systems:
– The balanced scorecard.
– The building blocks model.
– The performance prism.
– The BCG matrix.

First Institution

– Critique an existing performance management system.
– Transfer pricing.
– ROI, RI and EVA.
– Activity based principles.
– Corporate failure prediction.
– Performance management models.
– Assess performance against financial and non-financial (incl environmental) targets.
– Value based approaches to performance management.


Q1: Criticism of a report’s content and style relating back to mission.
Q2: Performance prism and non-financial performance measures
Q3: Transfer pricing
Q4: Environmental management accounting

Beckers Professional

– Corporate failure.
– Quality – possibly involving six sigma.
– The Performance Prism.
– Reward schemes.