ACCA Exam Results: Update Communication Method

As you all know that December 2014 exams were over and we all are waiting for our results. So its the best time to update your contact details to get your result immediately after it is released on February 8th 2015. 

Last date for updating your preferred method for receiving exam results is 30 January 2015 12:00 PM UK time.For those who don’t know ACCA delivers results of our papers via two methods

  • Email 
  • Text SMS
When you opt out to receive result by email then your result will be delivered to you via registered email address. This email is available in your account at myacca portal. 

When you opt to receive your results via Text Message then you have provide a mobile number and choose your country code from list so that you can receive your result instantly after it is released.

How to Update?

Either of these two method that you choose can be updated from my acca portal. By default you are opted to receive exam results by email but you can update it if you are not receiving

For email address update login to your account and on start screen you will see the email address. Click update button and enter desired email address to update.

Now go to Account Administration and click Receiving Communication from ACCA tab and then if no email address found here in email section, update it. 

If you want to receive exam results by SMS then it can be updated from here. Under Mobile Phone heading, Enter your mobile number in without country code and select country code from list. After this check ” I would like to receive notification of my exam results by text message ” and click save.

You are done now. To double check log out of account and re-log in to confirm.