ACCA F5 Exam Tips December 2014

With introduction of Multiple Choice Questions in Fundamental series of ACCA Exam, it is now obvious that EVERY area of syllabus is important. Multiple choice question can come from any area of syllabus so you should never skip any topic or area of book. Take a firm grip over whole syllabus so that you can easily obtain marks from these multiple choice questions.
However,following are the Exam Tips (Important Topics) for ACCA f5 for December 2014 session that may appear in exams as long question according to expert tutors and tuition providers.


Important examinable areas:
– Target, 
-Life cycle, 
-Environmental accounting
– Relevant Cost, 
-Limiting factors, 
-Shutdown decisions, 
-Payoff table, 
-Value of perfect information
-Budgetary system,  
-Quantitative analysis, 
-Behavioral aspects
-Mix and yield, 
-Planning and operational variances
-Transfer Pricing
-ROI and RI


Area A: ABC, throughput accounting, target costing & lifestyle costing.
Area B: Techniques to assist decision making, including linear programming, CVP analysis, relevant costing, pricing & incorporating risk and uncertainty.
Area C: Budgeting systems. Variance analysis, learning curves.
Area D: Performance appraisal – traditional ratio analysis. Non-financial performance measures – balanced scorecard.


– Target costing with learning curve.
– CVP, decision tree.
– Flexible budgets and budget revisions.
– Mix & yield, sales mix and quantity variances.
– Non financial performance or transfer pricing

First Institution

Target Costing
Relevant costing
Flexed budget
Planning Variances
Financial and non financial performance


Section A: 20 MCQ from entire syllabus
Section B: 5 Questions

  • Target Costing with life cycle costing
  • Linear Programming
  • Planning and Operational Variance
    OR Labour Idle Time Variance
  • Performance Measurement
  • Learning Curves