ACCA – 4 Exam Sessions a Year News

You might have heard about the news that ACCA is introducing 4 Exam Sessions a year. Yes this is now confirmed by ACCA

ACCA has officially announced that it will be introducing 4 exams sessions in a year, starting in September 2015. From September 2015 all students will be able to take exams in March, June, September & December. First attempt will most probably be September 2015.

This applies all the papers F5-P7. As F4 have been changed to CBE which you will be able to give after June 2014. 

In one exam session students will be able to take maximum of 2 papers in March and 2 Papers in June. Likewise 2 Papers in September in 2 Papers in December. This means that maximum of 4 papers can be taken in 6 months.

ACCA have reaffirmed you will also need to familiarise yourself with the new exam formats for the Fundamental Skills papers (except F6), which changes in December 2014.

The format of the F6 paper will change in June 2015. at the same time as the syllabus is updated for changes. MCQ’s will be introduced in F6 in June 2015. 

All other ACCA papers (F5-F9 Except F6) have already been updated for MCQ Formats. There will be a portion of about 20-40 Marks of MCQ in these papers.