ACCA F6 Exam Technique

ACCA F6 is Taxation Paper and it provides core concept of taxation which is further utilized in ACCA P6 Exam. Syllabus gives you basic knowledge about Corporate and Individual Tax calculations. Other areas include CGT, VAT and InHeritance Tax which also came across with questions and individually.Exam technique recommended by most tutors is that you should read your book and then practice as many questions as you can. Mostly F6 has formats which needs to be reminded in questions. The more you practice these formats, the more grip you will get over them.Question#1 Individual Tax Calculations require you to learn about Employment, Property, NIC, Pensions etc which are combined to make Questions #1 with sometimes VAT inclusion.
Question #2 is about Corporate Tax Calculations and also require you to learn about companies tax calculations. It sometimes have VAT or CGT or IHT within it.
Question #3 is on CGT require you to learn about capital gains tax.
Question #4 and 5 can be from any syllabus areas. Usually these have IHT and VAT with some portion from Income or Corporate tax calculations.

With introduction of MCQ’s after December 14 session, We hope that paper will become tough as you cannot skip anything. You have to learn everything and core concepts must be understood to give answers of MCQ’s and MTQ’s.

Key to success of this paper is Practice and Practice. So practice as much as you can with ACCA F6 Exam Kit.