ACCA P3 Exam Tips for June 2015 Session


ACCA P3 Exam Tips:

ACCA P3 Business Analysis Exam Tips for June 2015 session are given as follows by famous tuition providers


– Project management and benefits management.
– The POPIT model.
– Strategy evaluation.
– Managing strategic change and culture.
– Decision making techniques.
– Strategic analysis.


Important areas to cover for the June 2015 exam include:
It could be argued that the following areas, despite being key syllabus areas that have been regularly examined, have not been examined significantly in the past couple of papers, and therefore may be a little more likely to surface (however remember that this is a very dangerous game to play if it distracts students from other syllabus areas):

– Strategy Lenses and approaches to strategy
– Mission, Culture and Ethics
– Critical success factors and KPIs
– Role of the corporate parent including BCG matrix/Ashridge
– People, leadership, job design and staff development

It is certainly worth a reminder that a number of new elements were brought into the syllabus in 2014. It could be argued that the examiner may take the opportunity to test these specifically because they are relatively new and therefore students should ensure that they are familiar with:

– Integrated Reporting
– Change management frameworks (POPIT and the business change lifecycle) and
– Organisational Configuration – new definitions: Boundary-less organisations, – Outsourcing vs. Offshoring, Hollow and Modular structures


– Strategic analysis (external in particular).
– Calculation and interpretation of basic financial ratios.
– Using the SFA model to evaluate strategic options.
– Improving business processes using IT (and the IT controls required).
– Making staff more efficient and effective.
– The Business Change lifecycle (including the POPIT approach).

First Institution

Section A
– Environmental analysis, people with financial analysis.
Section B
– Project management.
– Strategic action.
– Information technology – pricing strategy.


Strategic position (PESTEL, 5 Forces, resources) and recommendations for improvement

– Job design
– IT security
– Activity based costing
– Integrated reporting
– Culture

Beckers Professional

– External analysis, using PESTEL or Porter’s 5 Forces.
– Strategic resources or critical success factors.
– Cultural web.
– E-business, probably involving upstream supply chain management.
– Project management – monitoring or concluding a project.
– Finance decisions – eg raising finance.

Manchester Metropolitan University MMU

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  1. zohra says:

    What are the new topics introduced in 2014. i am completely unaware of this as i am doing self study….

    1. Please check at ACCA Global website

  2. sehrish says:

    I hv prepared all the these topics. But i m confused about popit model. Please tell me how i can prepare.this topic and from where? and what is the full form of popit??

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