ACCA to Launch CBE Session This September 2016


The ACCA has announced that the launch of its F5-F9 CBE exams will only happen in certain selected markets. 

So, from coming September students will only be able to take the CBE exams in Beijing, Cheng Du and Shanghai in China, Prague in the Czech Republic, Budapest in Hungry, Cochin in India, Dublin in Ireland, Bratislava in Slovakia, Colombo in Sri Lanka, and London in the UK. More centers will be added for the December CBE exams.

CBE students will also have to ‘attend’ certain learning providers. In the UK ACCA Students will have to sign up to either Kaplan or BPP. The F5-F9 CBEs will have the same format as the paper exams from September 2016. All the exams (apart from F8) will be presented on three sections, containing a mix of auto-marked and expert/human marked questions.

ACCA has said that the CBE format introduces many time saving efficiencies compared to the paper-based exam. So to provide an equal assessment, students will have three hours to complete session CBEs, compared to three hours 15 minutes allowed for the paper exams.

From 2017. however, when psychometrics and seeding is introduced the exams will go back up to three hours and 20 minutes!