December 2017 is Your Last F5-F9 Paper Based Attempt


ACCA is replacing F5-F9 Paper based exam with Computer based exam (CBE) starting first regular CBE in March 2018 which means that December 2017 is your last attempt for paper based exam for fundamental series papers.

CBE Benefits:

Following are the benefits highlighted by ACCA for CBE sessions

  • Session CBEs build your workplace skills
    By using spreadsheet and word processing tools to answer questions, the exams more closely match how finance professional perform their roles. Giving you the skills employers need.
  • Your answers are always clear and easy to read
    There’s no need to worry about messy handwriting or being able to present neat calculations on the CBE.
  • It’s quicker and easier to edit answers
    You complete your answers within an area linked to each specific question. So if you’d to make and edits or additions to your answer you can do so easily and neatly, without the need for arrows or scoring out.
  • No more sore hands from writing
    It is more comfortable to use a keyboard than to write for a long period of time, so say goodbye to an achy hand during your exam.
  • Navigation tools help you manage time more effectively
    The simple-to-use navigation tools help you track your progress through the exam.
    The tools include:
    – an on screen timer
    – the ability to flag questions for review
    – navigator to jump to a specific question
    – exam review screen to see your exam progress at a glance
  • Just as reliable as our paper-based exams
    Session CBEs are held at carefully selected and trusted exam centres. Supervised and managed by professionally trained staff.

You can get more details regarding CBE’s sessions here.