ACCA SBL Exam Tips September 2018


ACCA Strategic Business Leader (SBL) Exam Tips September 2018 session given below are just intelligent guesses from exam point of view provided by famous tuition providers. These exam tips must not be relied on totally. To increase chances of success in Exams you must prepare full breadth of syllabus and topics.

ACCA SBL Exam Tips September 2018:

ACCA SBL Exam Tips September 2018 Session is given below by famous tuition providers


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As with all ACCA exams the SBL is a closed book exam. Unlike the other strategic professional level exams, which are 3 hours 15 minutes long this one is 4 hours.The exam builds on the knowledge gained at the ‘applied knowledge’ and ‘applied skills’ levels and the pass mark is 50%. Everything you require will be made available in the exam, and will focus on one main organisation, with all the question requirements related to this organisation.

All questions are compulsory and will consist of 80 technical marks and 20 professional skills marks. The 20 professional skills marks are awarded for displaying the following skills and behaviours: communication, commercial acumen, analysis, scepticism and evaluation. While 4 hours (240 minutes) may sound like a lot of time it is important to manage your time effectively. The ACCA recommend you send around 40 minutes reading, planning and interpreting the requirements and the information/exhibits provided. That means allocating 2.5 minutes per mark on offer.

Remember the requirements will test your ability to apply your understanding of the subjects covered in the syllabus in the context of the question scenario.


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